Top of the World

Welcome to my blog.

Thank you for checking this out. I am an attorney with my own law firm, and a professional mediator. I also am a licensed dentist, but no longer in clinical practice.

I write  in several different categories, including my core topics of dentistry for consumers, dental practice management (for dentists and dental office teams), medical practice management, health care,  legal topics including health care law and business law, general business management for closely held businesses (small partnerships and corporations), mediation and alternative dispute resolution, health and fitness, recreation, the environment, and from time to time, travel. A major thread that runs through almost all of these themes is achieving happiness through a life well-lived.

Let me know what topics interest you. You can make suggestions here or e-mail me directly at Please subscribe, and let your friends and colleagues know they are welcome too!

I am on top of the world in the photo, resting my hand on the wind sock at a remote helicopter landing pad high in the Coast Mountains of Northern British Columbia. That was a little heli-ski trip with Northern Escape two years ago with a group of mostly orthopedic surgeons,  and some of their friends. One of my ski pals, Peter Tuxen, M.D. of St. Joseph’s Medical Group invited me along with a group hosted by Bridger Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in Bozeman MT. I posted this photo because it conveys one of my major themes, that happiness is only achieved if your life has sufficient balance. Work is fun for me, but I have my limits. I can enjoy a few 60 hour work weeks each year, but prefer about 36 to 40 hours. Most of us really need time away from the job to fully restore the energy reserves and rekindle enthusiasm for the regular beat of the daily workflow. For me, a few days in a row on some fat skis does the trick. I’ll be posting more photos from that excursion and others under the recreation theme, and blogging about the direct and indirect benefits of a balanced lifestyle.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy the ride. Tell your friends.


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